Our Team


Arnav Tyagi


A Subtle Sarcasm
Another engineer to be, he’s an astounding designer. His IQ beats his height. You’ll be taken more aback by his web designing skills than his puns. To get your mind wobbled, contact him and enjoy the fun of his work and his company.
Necessity to Breathe: Laptop, Electricity, Appy, Black coffee and the green stuff which can be lays.


Anvesh Singh


A Complete High
Engineer in making whose jaw-dropping skills for designing, problem solving and dealing are sharper than the cuts on his biceps. His dedication for work will flatter you much more than his smile does. You can contact him and know all of it for sure.
Necessity to Breathe: Laptop, Electricity, Chocolate, Organic stuff and the bud which is wiser.


Srishti Yadav


A Mind Storm
Another engineer to be with the heart to build books, she can pen down chills. Her single word can outwit most paragraphs. Her write-ups penetrate your soul deeper than her gaze. Contact her for any help and explore her world of words.
Necessity to Breathe: Pen, Old pages, Poetry, Badminton, Chess, Music, Brownie, also Oxygen.

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