Colours By Vanshika Misra

How would you describe the colour red to a blind person?

Would you describe it as the warmth that envelopes you when you are sitting by the fire on a chilly night or as the feeling of peril that you are overcome with in a dangerous situation?

Would you describe it as embarrassment or shame? Or unconditional love? Or even anger?

Red is an all-consuming element that never hides in the background. It is risk and rebellion, courage and effort. It is all the people who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. It symbolizes love and tenderness, like a mother’s warm embrace. However, too much red can be potentially dangerous too.

Red is an enigma, wrapped in a paradox.

How about the colour blue?

Would you take him/her for a dip in the pool and describe it as the omnipresent cool that envelopes you? Clear, relaxing and strong.

Blue is every baby’s giggle. It is fresh and pure. It is a chilly breeze in winter, it is goosebumps rising on your arms and legs, it is the sound of rain falling on your rooftop.

Think of a droplet of water landing on your palm. It seems small and irrelevant. But when it is delivered to a river and then subsequently to the sea, that single, tiny droplet combines with other such minuscule droplets and forms an ocean. That is blue. It is a collection of small, seemingly insignificant elements which, when combined, become invincible.

And to describe to colour the green, would you take him/her to a garden, a park or a forest and characterize it as the idyllic calm that washes over you?

Would you describe green as life itself? Unique, healing and kind.

Green is every new idea you get. It nurtures life, abundance and fertility. It doesn’t have a taste, it is bland for green is that spark of imagination that drives you to create and transform the world’s insipidity into whatever you can conjure up in your mind. It also feels like growth, change, understanding, deep thoughts and a burst of inspiration. Green is everywhere.

Is yellow happiness and optimism? Cheerfulness and youth?

Or would you describe it as the cosy tepidity of sunlight in springtime, streaming through a window and warming up a patch of carpet on the floor? Encompassing, vibrant and free.

Yellow is like a smile; no teeth, no shyness, no intrigue; just an ordinary lifting of the corners of your mouth. It is like a lemon, strong but pleasant. It demands attention but gives enough in return to be worthy of it. It is the twirling of a little girl in a large open field with grass under her feet as she shouts in glee. It is happy laughter. It is happy everything.

Would you describe black as silence? Strong, deep and powerful; doing absolutely nothing yet explaining everything so clearly. Or would you describe it as sadness and lament? Deep, dark and infinite.

Black is fierce. It is a weapon drawn from its sheath and metal scraping against concrete. It is honour among men and the feeling of victory after a long war. It is the mind-numbing, gut-wrenching sound of thunder. Sometimes it feels like cool steel against a warm palm or the sharpened edge of a knife.

Black is brave and courageous.

How about white? Will you equate it to tranquillity and serenity? Perhaps purity?

Would you let him/her help someone else for a change and tell him that the happiness he feels is white? Pure, innocent and kind.

White is a slow, swaying, meaningful object that speaks of tradition, love and thoughtfulness. It is graceful and delicate, like dainty glass or a fragile ceramic statue. It is calm, it is poetic. It is serenity and movement. It is clarity and grace. At the surface, it may look unimportant but white is the source of all colours which reminds me of water and oxygen. Water is tasteless, oxygen is invisible and yet, without them, no living being can exist.

Colours are perceived as something we usually pass off as completely visual, but in reality, they are not just seen. They are felt and heard as they are a language in itself. A room can feel soothing or energizing, cheerful or gloomy, depending on how it has been painted. That is the power of colours.

The world of colours is so much more nuanced than we consciously consider on a daily basis. They hold the power to directly influence our mind and soul.

“Colours hold the power to directly influence our mind and soul.”

-Vanshika Misra

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