It was just the other day when my friend and I Got stuck in a conversation. It was intense and pretty absurd, For what she told was hard to discern. Birds that soar high in the sky, Flapping wings with a sense of joy, Floating among clouds in the monochromatic light, Brimming with freedom like an open mind, Are nothing but yet another slaves, Chained to the sky as they sail away. How could I believe a lie like that. That birds so pure are prisoners of smog, The birds that fly to the lands so far, Are stuck in the sky forever, that’s dark! That’s not as dark as depressing as it sounds, For definition of freedom varies for all, None are free and never shall be, Sometimes bound by the society, The other times by our own vain deeds, Sometimes our mind holds us captive, The other times, we’re lost in greed! So come all and ponder a while, What freedom is to you and what it really feels like!!

-Ayushi Tripathi

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